My Problematic Relationship with Modernism

It's no secret that my favorite era of art history to talk about and rant about and rave about is the Italian Renaissance. Call me unimaginative all you want, it's just pretty and I like to think and talk about it. But last week I talked about the trip to the Toledo Museum of Art,… Continue reading My Problematic Relationship with Modernism


100 Days of Landscapes, Day 50 Update

Oh [Several expletives in a row deleted]. Ok, so update time! [More expletives]. But other than that, I still feel kickass about this project. Hitting the half-way point does change my perspective in a way that I didn't anticipate. Not necessarily about my art itself, but about this project. Before 50 days I was still… Continue reading 100 Days of Landscapes, Day 50 Update


25 Days of Landscapes

Wait...wasn't it 100 days of landscapes? Heck yeah! But I'm hitting my first milestone and I promised you guys an update.   Most challenges I participate in are 30 days or so (lookin at you Inktober you random 31 days) so by day 25 I'm usually harried and panicking and praying for it to just… Continue reading 25 Days of Landscapes


Color Theory Makes Me Angry

So, get ready to be ranted at. Because color theory makes my blood boil. I don't know why, I just feel very strongly about it. So what is color theory? If you're a young artist, or new to art concepts, color theory is the technical side of how colors work. Color wheel? color theory.  … Continue reading Color Theory Makes Me Angry


Do SOMETHING for 100 days.

I have an announcement! This post is going to be a bit different than what I'm trying to establish, so please stick with me. Today I'm not talking about art history or screaming at you about some complicated art theory...thing...(speaking of which, I'm starting a new series of posts soon about Color Theory, so expect… Continue reading Do SOMETHING for 100 days.


The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa – The Baroque Masterpiece!

If I had to choose which era in artistic history to be my favorite…and I couldn’t just go with the one I’d studied the most (The Renaissance) I would still pick the Baroque era every time. Now, this isn’t to dis the Renaissance at all, but Baroque is just…so much…grander. The artists of the Baroque… Continue reading The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa – The Baroque Masterpiece!


Universal Artistic Standards Vs. Art Relativism

Recently a friend of mine shared with me a video, which I will share with you all now:   Now, I'm not the biggest fan of modern art, I'm much more a fan-girl of the Renaissance, Baroque, and similar eras. If you ever want to watch a monkey dance and not shut up for… Continue reading Universal Artistic Standards Vs. Art Relativism


The 3 Times My Artistic Idols Let Me Down

  They say we shouldn’t have heroes…or that we shouldn’t meet our heroes…I can’t remember which. At any rate, there’s some sort of conventional wisdom that says you shouldn’t put people on a pedestal. Because they’ll inevitably fall off of it. But screw it. I’m a nerd for Art History…though the term “dork” is much… Continue reading The 3 Times My Artistic Idols Let Me Down