A brief evolution of the female form and how we view it

This is the *oldest* human made thing we’ve found, this is a beautiful image. This was the so called “ideal” for the time.
It is a shame now days that we do equate “losing weight” with “getting healthy” because we’ve taken the Greko-Roman and Renassiance idea that “beauty equals goodness” (which is the simplest terms, it was actually very detailed and included a lot of athleticism and spending every day improving yourself, and was, reflected majorly in the arts) well we’ve taken this idea and lost the “goodness” part. The Venus of Willendorf (link above) and Ruben’s women were bigger because times were harder and if you were chunkier you were richer, because you didn’t have to work so hard and you had enough to eat. Thats the same reason being pale was in, if you were pale you were rich, (and rich is sexy) if you were tan you were poor and had to go work out in the fields all day. Now, because of all of the processed foods, healthy foods are more expensive and the lower grade less healthy food is cheaper. Being thin now means you have time to exersize, spare time to lay in the sun and get tan and enough money to eat healthy foods that are good for your matabolism.

The “ideal” form is truly not the same ideal form for everyone, people will always have different tastes but the major trends are reflected in the art. So, in hundreds of years when people study us like we study the Renassiance they will see our Blair fashion magazines and the very underweight models more than they see the average, healthy, happy person.

I do plan to expand on this later, this was a response to another post that I can’t find now that did have a lot of flaws. When I have more time I’ll be expanding on it, including my comparison between the Venus of Willendorf (link above) and the Aphrodite of Knidos.


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