A new fascination with Spoken Word Poetry

I’ve found lately I’ve got this fascination with spoken word poetry. In a longer video of this, Sarah Kay explains more about what Spoken  Word Poetry is.

It is poetry that wants to leap off of the page.

It’s kind of like slam poetry.

Have you ever been so mad the only thing you could do was think in poetry form? You just wanted to shout and scream at someone and instead of wanting to shout swear words or fling insults you were driven to make it sound beautiful and make it last. Being “Pissed off to the point of poetry” is what I call it.

If you look around on youtube you can find a lot of this, not only by Sarah Kay but by Taylor Mali, who is another incredible spoken word poet. When you watch him and Sarah Kay you find that it is contagious. All art is contagious. I think that’s what’s beautiful about art, it’s contagious. You look at a piece of good art, and you feel it, you are moved by it, and you are inspired by it.

Spoken Word Poetry, my newest fascination. Spoken word poetry is not always indignant, it’s use something that you feel and something that other people feel as well.


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