Time Slowly Unwinds

So, I’m kind of on a poetry kick. I wrote 3 poems in 2 days. This is the third, and I really like it. I shared it with one of my friends who pointed out that the first line was the title of a poem he had written. This was two years ago, we weren’t exactly speaking at the time, but I knew which poem he was talking about because it depressed the hell out of me, and still does. This poem we decided, is the complete antithetical version of it. Which I find bloody hysterical.


Time slowly unwinds,
sending circles of thought into space.
Wrapping around stars
and tying the solar systems together
in a bow.
Time stretches from here, to the far edge
of the universe
Millions of miles of prayers
winding a meandering path to walk on;
showing you the wonder of the cosmos
spread out in your own little light show
and when you stumble
it’s not to remind you of the horrors in time
but to bring you back,
to the beauty
of the moment. 

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