2011 didn’t kill me, but 2012 might!

2011 was a big year, there was a lot of good, and just as much bad. I graduated high school, had a lot of fun with my friends during those last few months and during the summer. I lost my great grandma and my grandma, my niece was born, I found myself unable to go to the school I wanted to, and then I found that the alternative wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I accomplished a lot, but 2012…its going to blow 2011 out of the water.

I’ve got a lot of projects this year, twelve are month specific, these aren’t all projects but more like “noteworthy events”.

January, I’m going to purge and clean my room, because I’m a hoarder and this should stop.
February, I’m going to sing karaoke, singing in public…yaaaay
March, I’m going to submit a photo to a magazine for publication
April, I’m going to participate in the National Poetry Month
May, I’m going to take my drivers test, at this rate its going to take me that long to get enough experience in
June, I want to take a Road Trip, even if its not even out of state, so long as I see something cool and its overnight I’m thrilled
July, My sister and I are going to have a total girl day, which involves manicures, new clothes and books
August,I’m going to go to a concert!
September, a couple of friends and I are going to go to the Soaring Eagle casino for the day 🙂
October, I’m going to sew an entire quilt
November, I’m going to design and sew myself a dress of awesome.
December, I’m going to take one of my essays (Venus of Willendorf and Aphrodite of Knidos) and expand on it, a lot

On top of these month specific, pre decided projects, I’ve got some on going ones.

I’m going to read a hundred books, oh yeah, dangerous stuff here.
Rules for this one, because its one hundred (and not 75 like I was considering) audio books count, but each book I complete gets an entire book review, rather than just a title on a list. I also cannot have read the book in 2011.

I’m going to do one photo shoot a month, a substantial art project every month with more traditional medias (I have excess art supplies, I’m obviously not arting hard enough), I’m going to see a new movie in theaters every month, I’m going to expand my book library by 24 books minimum, and my CD (and therefor music experience) collection by at least 12 cds.

For Christmas my parents got me a cupcake recipe book that is da’ BOMB, so, every week I’m going to bake another cupcake recipe out of it, the cupcakes are going to go to friends, family, the staff at the library, my favorite class, and wherever else deserves cupcakes.


Every time I complete something on this, I’m going to blog about it, and I’ve got a cork board that I’m dedicating to the awesomeness of this year. I’ll take pictures at least once a month to share here when it expands and grows.




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