Epic Chocolate Fountain Tip!

Everyone who has ever been to a party has seen a chocolate fountain, has had pretzel covered in chocolate, eaten a strawberry, marshmallow, or banana covered in chocolate. Now, I’ve found a way to make these even better. Not only does this enhance the taste, it also helps to stretch the chocolate a little further.

Nearly everyone has had Nutella at some point now. The incredibly rich and chocolatey fix is the basis of my experiment. Because not only is it rich and delicious, it’s expensive for a college kid like me. So, I embarked to make my own version of Nutella that was chocolate and peanut butter.

I melted dark chocolate chips in a double boiler on my stove–I am a big believer in the double boiler, anything you have to melt and mix, you can burn without one. I didn’t have precise measurements, I was just going to go until I figured it out.

After I melted the chips I added a glob of peanut butter and stirred that until it was melted in as well. I sprinkled a bit of superfine sugar in, but that’s just because it was out and I’m not a huge fan of dark chocolate.

Once they were all melted together and a solid consistency, I poured it into the old frosting container that I was using to hold it. My parents, who had been watching this adventure with amusement, grabbed a strawberry and dipped it into the still hot chocolate.

They decided it was magazine worthy. My dad said, “borderline genius” but that’s probably just sarcasm. I really enjoyed it. But it didn’t work as my Nutella replacement. Once it cooled, it returned to a hard chocolate chip consistency. So it really only works for melting. But, when you put it over a gram cracker or strawberry, it’s very much like a party in your mouth.


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