Book 16: Explosive Eighteen

Okay, so I’m back. My freshman year of college ate my life up. But it’s over, and now I’m more concerned with getting my second year of college ready. I’m planning to transfer from my community college to a university. Everything as far as that goes is going splendidly, as opposed to when I tried last year…which failed miserably.

And, I am very ashamed to say I haven’t completed my monthly goals for February, March, April, or May

I did make the Dean’s list for Fall and Winter semesters though. Trade offs. 3.8 GPA with an online Pre-Calculus class is pretty impressive in my book! And I started dating my best friend and love on Easter.


On to the book review. Its actually been a while, so I don’t remember everything!

The beginning of this book got annoying. Something big happened to Stephanie Plum, that involved a ring. But Janet Evanovich doesn’t share what exactly. But that’s okay. By the time I really got annoyed with it was about the time when Stephanie started explaining what happened.

Shall I spoil it a little?

Just a little.

She was in Hawaii with Morelli and Ranger, but who was she with with and who showed up and started a fight?


I know this isn’t much of a review…but It’s been a while since I’ve read it! I’m so behind! If I fail at everything else, I will read the 100 books and finish writing the 3 novels! (Of that its 1 down, 2 to go!)


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