Book 17: The Cowboy takes a Bride

The Cowboy Takes a Bride by Lori Wilde

This book definitely goes under the “fluff” category. And it was pretty good actually! The characters reactions were probably the most realistic I’ve seen in a long time. It covered the story of a widower who had just lost his best friend, and the best friend’s estranged daughter. He’s looking to get rid of her, his admiring fan (the older sister of his late wife) is looking to get rid of her, and she’s looking to sell the property and get back to Chicago and make her life over again.

Of course, the estranged daughter and the widower get together. But it’s a rocky road, filled with things I actually believe would go through people’s minds. Not just insecurities about the other, but about themselves.

The subplot was really what impressed me though, was the subplot. The admiring fan has her own admirer. And instead of them waiting until the very end (The Edward & Lucy Steele technique from Sense and Sensibility) its actually much earlier. They even have some of their own drama, but it was their relationship that had me kicking my feet in excessive laughter.

Definitely worth the read, its not a hard one, or a long one to get through. A good just before bed book.


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