Book 18: Waiting for Nick

Waiting for Nick ~ Nora Roberts

I have a thing for strong female characters. And in Waiting for Nick I think Nora Roberts pulled off a really unique one. The whole book the character Freddie, a very naive girl who moves from her family home in Virginia to the family grouping in New York. I think she’s a strong character because she’s not afraid to ask for help with getting her stuff together. She’s also very intent on getting Nick, whom she’s been in love with forever.

Freddie doesn’t have that many apparent self-esteem issues. Just the average confident woman’s. It’s Nicks that put things on hold. He’s had a rough past, and it comes up to haunt him and gives a little thrill to the story. But in the end he deals with it and gets over it. Right after she points out her big issue, and she walks out/is kicked out.

She puts on her big girl panties and decides to get over him, and never honestly speak to him again as far as she could. And that’s when he decides he can’t live without her.

It’s an older book of hers, but I can’t help it, I love it! I love her style and the stories.


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