Book Twenty: Elder’s Secret

Woo! I’m 20% done! I am still way behind if I want to finish on time, but I’ll catch up!

So, the book I just finished is a self-published work available only on Amazon. The Author is a friend of mine I met through a website for young writers trying to improve their skills through practice, critique, and talking to each other. I made a lot of really good friends there.

For him, it definitely did pay off. The story takes itself seriously, but not so seriously they’re afraid to crack a joke in there. Because of its genre–young adult fantasy/scifi–its not terribly original. I see footprints of Tolkien, the Harry Potter books, and the Nicholas Flamel serious by Michael Scott. These are just footprints though, the story is unique enough to be interesting. Heck, it kept me up reading half the night before I finished it. The thing that sets this book apart really is its setting. It is nothing like the settings in the other books. Honestly, I’ve never even seen another book that’s actually about Atlantis–and I work in a library.

There are a few points that I feel like I can point out without ruining the story for you.

1. His “mom”

~There’s the obvious reference with her name “Cassandra”, meaning “professor of doom”
~There is a moment early on when all the assumptions about her character just being a lazy b****h are kind of challenged. It’s a small moment, but it is there. She yells an order at Colin, and then goes back to the book she was reading. This tiny tiny bit of foreshadowing or character development–which ever you decide to take it as–really stuck with me. Mostly because it was so small and seemingly insignificant.

2. Language

~I will make no statement on the style and the language that the author uses. I’ve realized that when I like a story I ignore whether or not I like the language, in my opinion, it was very well done.

3. Sequel

~I hate waiting for sequels, so I really shouldn’t have started reading this book! It ends on a cliff, and you’re hanging on for dear life going “when does the next one come out?” And when does it come out? January. Grr


Well that’s all I’ve got! 20 books down, 80 to go with only 195 days left!


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