Book Twenty-Two: The Giver

I read the Giver for the first time.

I know, its a book you read in like the 8th grade, but because in the 7th grade I was in the normal English class, so we’d be reading it the next year, then when the next year came around I was moved into the advanced class and completely missed it. I might have gone my whole life without reading it, but it’s my boyfriend’s favorite book, and he asked me to read it.

The entire story focuses around a boy named Jonah, who’s been selected by his “same” and comfortable community to be the Receiver of all the memories. So basically, he knows everything.

I cried, a lot, and yelled at my boyfriend for making me read it. But, that being said, it’s a great book, and I’m going to own it and put it on my shelf next to 1984


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