I Will Be A Firework : A poem

I’ve been getting into poetry again, I’ve been watching a lot of spoken word poetry on youtube, and sometimes I pause them, and grab my notebook and write. This one turned more into just a giant ego trip of mine, but the words are pretty and I decided to share it with the world.


I Will Be A Firework


My thoughts are in emotions. My ideas are in pictures.

My whole brain is a mechanized master of nerves and tubes

that turn these emotions and pictures into words because my hand is just too retarded to draw them out.

I close my eyes and I see ribbons of color dancing around me.

There are so many feelings and pictures, thoughts and ideas,

words that are trapped because of my own inability to make them come out right.

You see the moon and the stars, well they see me.

They see the girl who will shine as bright as they do.

They will invite me up, envelop me in and squeeze me until I burst

like a firework across the night sky. I will become an immortal legend,

my own constellation inspiring artists and poets to come.

There will be star gazers and moon chasers following my movements for centuries.

They will be making their own place in the sky,

making their own fireworks to dance alongside mine.


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