I’m sorry everyone. I haven’t posted in months. I’ve fallen behind. I’ve dropped off the grid. I’ve abandoned my projects and I’m really disappointed.

Here is the updated list of what I’ve accomplished from my list:

January, I’m going to purge and clean my room, because I’m a hoarder and this should stop.

February, I’m going to sing karaoke, singing in public…yaaaay

March, I’m going to submit a photo to a magazine for publication

April, I’m going to participate in the National Poetry Month

Attempted and Failed
May, I’m going to take my drivers test, at this rate its going to take me that long to get enough experience in

Not attempted
June, I want to take a Road Trip, even if its not even out of state, so long as I see something cool and its overnight I’m thrilled

July, My sister and I are going to have a total girl day, which involves manicures, new clothes and books

August,I’m going to go to a concert!

September, a couple of friends and I are going to go to the Soaring Eagle casino for the day :)

October, I’m going to sew an entire quilt

Considering October is nearly over and I don’t have a sewing machine yet…We’ll just call it failed.


I have only read…33? New books, books I’ve never read before. This project, if I don’t accomplish the 100 within the year, I’m not going to stop until I finish. I also haven’t been counting audio books, I don’t even remember how many I’ve listened to this year. I recently finished “The Hobbit” and am now working on “Brave New World”. Before that I did the first two volumes of Fruits Basket, I read “Romeo and Juliet”.

The last time I saw a movie in theaters was Titanic in 3D back in april. But I got Netflix, so I am still experiencing a lot of new things. A lot of anime, new tv shows, new movies. Ect. ect.

I haven’t arted hard enough yet. But I’m getting back into it again. I’m working on a painting and in photoshop. I am trying very hard to get back into photography as much as I was before.


I moved from Hillsdale at the end of August to Ann Arbor. I really like it here, my roommate is one of my best friends since the 7th grade, and we get along well enough. My boyfriend is moving up soon, he’s staying for a week or two right now and getting a job. I’m working in a little store called “Things Remembered”, part time. I’m an engraver, its really cool and I love what I do there. I’m not getting enough hours, so I’m trying to find a seasonal job, next semester I won’t have time to do two jobs. But right now my workload is still pretty light and since I’ve only got classes twice a week I should be fine. I’d like a job either at the AADL (Ann Arbor District Library) or Barnes and Noble.

I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year, and I’m working on trying to submit some stuff to a gallery that’s looking for student work. I’m also working on a couple of personal projects. The first is a painting of my boyfriend and I–Something I’d like to consider in the “fauvist” style but its mostly just all kinds of colors and patterns and probably a lot of different materials. I also want it to be huge. I’m also going really far with playing with some of the pictures that I took of my roommate for one of her projects.

I need more friends here, more people willing to pose for me. I’ll get there!


Don’t worry friends, I’ll be posting more again, things will be better again! I won’t fall victim to Ratchet and Clank and video games so much anymore. I’ll be bright and productive and keep you updated. I never lost my total purpose which was to make every moment of my life count and matter. That’s never gone away!


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