A girlfriend’s review of the Mechromancer’s “Girlfriend Mode”

First off: A little backstory
I, myself, am not really a gamer. I didn’t grow up with videogames so much. But I knew I liked them, but I was also in a neighborhood where my parents could throw me out the door and make me play with the neighborhood kids. (I think videogames would have made me less violent than playing outside with 4-5 really irritating boys.) So, when I hooked up with my boyfriend–total gamer, his whole life. His mom even (she’s one of the top 100 ranked on Runescape so that’s pretty cool) is into games–I knew my “non-gamer days” were numbered.

We tried getting me to play Borderlands 1 before we got the 2nd. That…did not go well. Even after mastering Ratchet and Clank I couldn’t use both my thumbs at the same time the way they wanted me to. It was chaos and I put a stop to that rather quickly.

Then, one day, while wandering around the gamestop, we spot it: Borderlands 2, season pass, pre-owend, for less than 30 bucks. Noah (boyfriend) hadn’t beaten it yet, and it was driving him crazy. He wanted me to play, so, we got the disc, and then went home and bought the Mechromancer.

The Best Friends Forever skill tree fits “Girlfriend Mode” to a T. Everything Gearbox wanted me to get out of it I did. Deathtrap kept me from getting killed and discouraged while I figured out how to look where I’m running and shoot at the same time. It got me hooked on the game. (I do still sometimes just run around like a crack-filled-ferrett trying to figure out where everybody’s shooting at me from).

I don’t get why people get upset when they call that skill tree “Girlfriend Mode”. That is what it was designed for, beginner characters. I play online with another person who uses her “Anarchy” skill tree, which is completely the opposite of what I did. He’s going down Anarchy and BFF and I went down BFF and Little Big Trouble.

I thought about respecing down Anarchy once or twice to see what it was like, but I play Gaige on playthrough 3 now mostly and…I feel like I’d be screaming “MY STACKS!” all the time.

When I’m playing the earlier playthroughs (badass ranks) I don’t summon deathtrap as much, but I do exploit the Close Enough skill. Especially in arenas. I like sniping with her. It’s really fun when you play enough and actually get good at it, because then you can aim and shoot some douche who’s hiding behind something.

Noah just got the Psycho, and I’ve been going through with him on that. I started a new playthrough with him using the Assassian…btw WORST COMBO EVER. Once we got to the point where he had that skill that allows for friendly fire, I killed him more times than I can even count. (Once or twice I head-shot him when he surprised me.) I go through with him sometimes with Gaige, but I can’t do what I *like* to do when I’m just trying to get badass rank (switch on infinity pistol and just hold down the trigger button), because…he dies, unless he manages to rampage first then it’s fine.


Not everybody agrees with me. I think Gaige was awesome and did actually get me into the game, the handlings the controls and just the game itself. I’ve started two other characters now, and am really getting into the using of them.

If you’re looking for someone who disagrees this guy has a scathing review of her:


it looks like he’s using Xbox. I don’t like Xbox. PS3 over Xbox any day!


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