Living where you live

Alright, so, I’ll fess up. I’ve been living in this area is now closer to being a year than not. Approximately 9 months now. Although this area consists of two different towns they’re connected by one busline so its pretty much all the same area to me. And the amount of time I’ve spent actually going outside and experiencing these pretty major towns is rather limited actually. But that’s college life, poor kid college life actually. Anytime I had any sort of time, I would rush home to my family. I still like to do that actually. But, I would like to get to know the place I live a bit more intimately. Treat the shops and the resturaunts like I actually live there.

So! From here on out, I’m changing things. Every other week (at least) my boyfriend and I are going to go to downtown Ann Arbor or downtown Ypsilanti in the evening and walk around and go in and out of the shops, try a new resturaunt and occasionally buy something. We’re sort of starting this week, we’re going to Olive Garden. It’s not exactly in downtown Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti, its by the Mall. But we both love it a lot. 

Right now I’m on summer break from school, and so I’m working as a temp (hopefully getting into a Summer Internship with this company ProQuest), and my boyfriend is taking classes working on getting his Culinary associates. Mixed in with the business reviews that are definitely to follow, there are going to be some “sneak peaks” at a cookbook I’m concocting from the recipes we both come up with. A lot are his, but I bake and I bake because its very specific and he cooks because its a lot more flexible.

So, brace yourselves my loyal subscribers. I’m doing things again, and coming out with a voice again. My points will be relevent and exciting! Woo!

Also, I’m going to get really excited later this month because the last DLC in the Season Pass for Borderlands 2 is coming out and I’m going to talk about Borderlands a lot. Probably later today.


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