Temping: Vol. 1

I’m a temp.

I work through an agency that helps me find specific jobs in companies that help work towards achieving my goals in life. They’re kerned towards my skill sets, and are often the boring and repetitive jobs that nobody on staff wants to do or has time to do.

That was the situation with my last position. I was working in the finance department of this company ProQuest. It’s a neat place, they are like a research hub I guess is a good way to say it. You go to their website and you search for what you’re researching and you’re guarenteed to get legitimate and trustworthy publishings on it.

Specifically, I was working in revenue formatting the Quarter 1 final reports for the different publishers who had revenue coming to them. I went through over 10,000 files doing this. Basically I hit the same 10 buttons over and over again for 2 weeks. Well, almost two weeks, the last 3 days were full of me emailing people out and then calling other people who hadn’t sent in their tax forms.

The problem with this?

Nobody does what they’re told. Nobody looks at the end of an email and sees a forwarding address, and if they do they don’t notice that it is not the same as the email address in the “from” box.

I got a lot of replies and had to forward them to, who I guess was, the project manager.

Now I’m finishing up the first stint of my second position, cooly enough, with the same company. Their receptionist went on vacation and they couldn’t fill in internally, so they just went to Adecco and kept me on.

I’m still getting emails all the time about that last project. And, as it turns out, a lot of the emails just didn’t send.

That, is what they get for using new accounts. It doesn’t always work.

This though, receptionisting, totally works for me. I like interacting with people, it reminds me of when I worked at the library. Whenever the log-in screen comes up I try typing in the password I had to use to get the computers to open there first.

I like having the desk here. I’m not going to lie. I like interacting with people, but with the desk, I don’t feel so awkward and unsure. The desk keeps my personal space pretty well intact and gives me room to think when I’m talking.

It’s kind of a part of me that I’ve missed, it feels a little confident, just knowing for yourself what the limitations in your situation are for you. Good feels.


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