Xbox One FTW!

No. Just. No.

Unless you read that as “Xbox One F*** the World!”

In that case. Well yes. That works.

So, it’s that time again. E3. The Superbowl for the gaming/nerd community.

And also when we can all get together on the E3 page and comment on our favorite or least favorite system.

Here are some of my favorites:

“I think Obamacare is easier to understand than game sharing on the XBone”
“All I know is Sony dun fucked with Microsoft so hard Microsoft had no choice but to go to their mama crying” (That was from my friend Liz who’s just brilliant with words isn’t she?)
And the final gem before I start talking my own thoughts (because we all need another!)

“Even if Microsoft backs down on their policies at this point, I still would never get one. 

They have shown their true colors imo. It’s a system that treats their customers like criminals-in-waiting. 

That’s a relationship that never turns out well.”

Basically, Xbox One, you sold out.

Amazon took the opportunity today and posted a question to its followers on Facebook. Xbox One or PS4? Which is on your holiday wish list?

There were over 2,500 replies.

I opened up 100 comments and tallied up the votes.

8 voted for the Wii/Computer, someone voted for a new Atari

8 People said they wanted to own both

9 People decided their comments were relevent enough to post, but didn’t actually contain a vote.

23 people voted for the XBox One

And 51 People wanted the PS4.

*ahem* Let’s just think about that. Let’s assume that because Sony got the PS2 gen and since Microsoft got the 360 Gen, that they were at about 50/50 when it came to their markets when it came to developing the next Gen of consols.

That means, that at least half of Microsoft’s potential buyers has left them.

A lot of Microsoft’s new policies are aimed at stopping piracy, the fact that they need to always be connected to the internet, the fact that all your games have to be registered, ect. Is aimed at keeping pirates at bay. But it’s at the expense of the loyal customers. We’re paying to play your system, we bought it, we’re your customers, you should kiss our asses, not make us feel like we’d be criminals if you didn’t get in our way.

Now the Kinnex has to be on all the time for it to work.
Wasn’t the Xbox already hacked? Like.. a lot?

All of a sudden there’s a *camera* watching everything you do.


But that’s probably where they got the idea actually.

And, if any of you morons who want to buy the Xbox One would like to keep your right to reproduce, read 1984 first. I’ll give you a summary:

The government is evil and watches your every move because if you are caught even thinking against them they’re just going to break you and then kill you.

That’s the gist of it, only George Orwell adds quite a bit to it. Like 200 pages and those things called “feels”.

If you have read the book, and still want the Xbox One, I just have one question:

What the hell man?

Anyways, moving on!

I’ve got a PS3 and I like it. I have Borderlands 2 and I like it. (I also have ratchet and clank and castle crashers…okay my boyfriend has paid for pretty much all the games so they’re “his”, but he uses my computer way more than I do anymore and he doesn’t even like Macs. ~huff~) I digressed sorry. I play on a PS3, I like playing on a Ps3, we probably won’t be getting the Ps4 for a while, but when we do upgrade our consols, Screw the Xbox One. You’re marketing towards the wrong group the harder you squeeze for those pennies the more buyers are going to slip between your fingers.


I feel real weird about piracy. But I’ll get to that later.

If you want to read further on the Xbox One vs the Ps4 fight, check out the following links! the epicenter (like Epic Center) #horrible joke #ihatehastags # # # # # #inasaucymoodtoday #hatetwitter #thinkforyourselves

Aside from my accidental hashtag rage, that’s a good site.

If you want to hear an Xbox fan say they’re getting a PS4 and give good logical reasons why go here:

Go to the gaming wiki for everything that’s wrong about the Xbox One:

and check out their vote counter, when I checked it was overwhelmingly a win for PS4. With 515 for the PS4 and 65 for the Xbox One. (Though one should note that this is a page about how much it sucks and therefore would lend more towards that stat being true. I’d lean more towards mine being accurate considering it was on a non-biased post.)

And here’s a link to why everything you just read is “not that bad”.

I pray, don’t just take my word for it, take theirs too, and every other piece of propaganda you can get your mitts on. The more you know the more informed of a consumer you are, and eventually, if we’re all intelligent about what we do and what we buy, consumer will stop meaning idiot and criminal.


5 thoughts on “Xbox One FTW!

  1. Keri Peardon says:

    I like how all manufacturers now assume that everyone in the world has an always-on internet connection. We’re still on dial-up at my house (as are millions of other Americans), so this system would be completely useless because we’d have no way to get it on the internet. And even if we can ever afford wireless internet (since we have no cable service at all and no DSL), I wouldn’t want to waste it every time I played a game (I’m not into online/game sharing anyways.)

    • haleyms says:

      I think part of it is they’re trying to enforce it. Big Brother wants in our homes. But they want us to invite it inside. I’m pretty sure there’s a camera or at least a recorder in my cable box for the TV…

  2. I_hate_consoles-PC_For_The_Win! says:

    You need to rewrite this as it’s very out of date. Microsoft addressed their issues and changed things, so you might have some empathy for the Xbox One. Besides that, since day one Microsoft’s Xbox page said that anything is prior to change before launch.

    • haleyms says:

      Well since I wrote this during E3 it wasn’t out if date then, I suppose I could do a follow up once I do some more research but to be honest I lost interest in the Xbox project after that lol

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