How to Deal with Introverts

As an introvert, yep. Somewhere in here is my post about introverts vs extraverts! But this is totally totally worth watching.

Keri M. Peardon


I found this comic on and thought it was funny. But when I re-read it, I realized that, while a bit blunt, it is quite accurate.

I will confess that I’m an introvert. Not only that, but my protagonists tend to be introverts:

  • Scott (from The Bloodsuckers) is an introvert.
  • Anselm (from Acceptance is so introverted, he’s gone down in Canichmeh history as the second-most introverted vampire ever known. (Canichmeh vampires have a natural desire to be around others of their own kind. But after Anselm’s father died, he traveled around Europe without any contact with other vampires for about 150 years. Only one other vampire is known to have gone longer without contact with other vampires.)
  • Kalyn is also an introvert, although not to the degree that Anselm is.
  • Jakub (from The Flames of Prague) is an introvert. He hates going to court (and the…

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