Enter the Real DIY Princess

So, I know I already posted a “DIY beginning” post, but well, the way I was going to go about the DIY-ing has been altered.

*ahem* to start with.



tumblr_lm11bt4OaK1qe6xr2This. This right here. That’s about how excited I am.

I’ve got lots of patterns now, and am just short of material.

I’m going to make a quilt and LOTS of dresses. I found patterns for ren-faire dresses, civil war dresses, steampunk dresses, wedding dresses, vintage style dresses, the sort of things you see on Modcloth (though not nearly as fancy).

I’m going to make my own etsy store when I get really good at it and sell some dresses and quilts. (After of course I’ve made all the quilts I want/need for myself and my family).

So, you’ll be following me in my sewing escapades, I’m going to learn how to do mens clothes too!


It’s going to be a challenge, balancing working, homemaking, and eventually schooling on a pretty tight budget. But, if looking at other blogs and Pinterest have taught me anything, its that hundreds of other people across the country and the world, are full time parents, workers, and homemakers. All the time.

Stick around, once I get back to Ypsilanti, I’ll be doing more and more! Between you and me, lets get the truth about the supposed “DIY goddesses” on the internet.



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