365 Things to do with Potatoes, Episode One

When you get a potato, what is the first and simplest thing to do with it?

Bake it.


Seriously, nothing is easier to do with a potato than *bake it*.

Pull a good sized potato out, wash it off a little, just knock the dirt off and pick off any eyes if they’re there. It’s not gone bad if it’s got the eyes growing on it. If you’ve got a little one though with a lot of eyes go ahead and stick it in a pot! It might grow. I have no idea, I have never done it before. (Considering I have twenty pounds of potatoes I might give it a shot.)

Once it’s been in a 350-450 Degree (F) oven for 40 or so minutes (stick a fork through it, if it feels crunchy at all in the center, it’s not done and let it go some more.) It’s done! Pull it out, cut it in half, add some butter and some salt, some sour cream maybe, or cheese.

So this here is a new thing I’m doing (along with a couple other new series) in which I just spew out 365 things to do with potatoes. There’s no deadline. It would honestly suck to figure out new things to do with potatoes every day. Being able to take a few days to do other things is going to clear my head quite a bit and give me time to do some research.

So, go out and buy yourself 20 pounds of potatoes, trust me, summer heat doesn’t beat a potato.


One thought on “365 Things to do with Potatoes, Episode One

  1. haleyms says:

    Reblogged this on Rattled and commented:

    Little throwback to nearly 2 years ago when my project began. Now look! I’m…on episode 12…At least I haven’t given up.

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