Adventures in Home cooking

Don’t. Do. It.

Yesterday, the only thing that went well was the potato chips.

Okay, maybe it would go better if I had read real directions while I was doing it…Instead of earlier at work and watching a soundless youtube video…

I ended up making *way* too much pasta.

If you’re going to do homemade pasta just remember a few things:

1. GET A PASTA MACHINE. Seriously, When you’re dealing with not-dry pasta it seems practically impossible to get it to stretch out right. A pasta rolling machine would pretty much force this process.

2. I’m pretty sure pasta likes to be handled a lot. The more I worked with it (after Noah got it working the way it was supposed to) the more it seemed to look like how pasta should look. I was also working the flour into it more and more instead of having it on the outside changing the color.

3. 1 egg = 1 cup of flour=1/2 tsp salt

When you’re doing this, try to keep your hands floured, put a little pile of flour on your rolling board and keep your hands dusted constantly or you will just have gobs of egg and flour caked onto your hand.

Also, later, when you’re rolling it out, find something with a flat bottom to help make it stretch and roll out the way it should. The problem I kept having was while I was rolling it out it was just sliding around my baking board. Seriously, I have a board *designed* for rolling out things (specifically pies) that just didn’t…wouldn’t…

Anyways, after I got it as rolled out as it could go, I put the little piles of the chicken on it wet the edges, flipped it over, cut around the piles, and crimped (aka supersealed) the pasta with forks.

Then, when they were boiling, Noah put too many in at once and the pasta water (with seasons for some reason) splashed out onto our electric stove top (a beautiful Whirlpool, so we don’t even mind its electric) and filled the entire apartment with smoke. We had to reset the smoke alarm I think twice and put the fan in the window blowing out for like three hours before it was all gone.

In the end though, the pasta tasted really good. We’re definitely going to get a bigger sauce pan and a pasta rolling machine.

Since I made way too much pasta dough, we stuck some in the fridge and tonight we’re going to do perogies. Lets see how this goes.


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