365 Things to do with Potatoes: Episode 3

What’s better than just a potato? Put it in the loving and comforting, non-judging format of soup.

I didn’t make it though. Noah did. After my disasters the last few days and an encroaching sense of mental exhaustion. So, here is the total of how it came out.

Delicious. It became more of a chowder than a soup, we scooped it into our bowls with a masher…

Here’s a trick, if you’re using bacon instead of ham, cook the bacon in a separate pan, and cut it up REALLY small, and drain the grease into the pot with the soup and put the bacon in right before you serve it. It’ll stay crunchier and add a bit more texture to the soup. And, when you reheat it, because it was so small, the salt soaks into the soup and it doesn’t get that soggy.


Tada! I have done the search for recipes for you.

I also highly recommend using this:

Feel free though to substitute the gnocchi with just chunks and hunks of potatoes with or without the skin. I love the skin, makes it more comforting, less fancy, more nutritious.

Well! that is episode 3. Stay tuned for the other 362 episodes of what happens when you give an Irish Girl a Potato!


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