365 Things to do with Potatoes: Episode Four

The fry. French fries! Frozen, fresh cut, baked, fried, boiled(?) seasoned any way you like, with chili, with cheese, ketchup, salt, seasonings. French Fries, French Fries all around.

So, when I get a nice batch of potatoes I am wicked excited for french fries.

For “shoestring” / regular french fries I take a potato and cut the sides so the potato is more of a square shape, that makes it easier to handle and cut into the right shape.

Now, if you were going for steak cut fries, here is where you’d slice the potato longways three or four times, depending on the size, and then those only in half. If not just cut until they’re the size and shape you like.

I like to let them sit in cold water, not for too long, just to pull the moisture out of them, like with the potato chips!

Drop them in the hot frier, and usually when they’re floating they’re done. But leave them in until you are completely satisfied with the crispiness of the outside. I like mine a little crunchy.

As soon as you pull them out pat them dry with some paper towel and salt them. SALT THEM AT ONCE. They still have to be hot. If you have a deep frier, a legit one, with a basket, don’t worry about patting them dry. The whole idea there is just so they’re not saturated in the oil and therefor gross. If you have a basket just knock it around in the basket until they’re not dripping. But you have to salt and season them (I like red-pepper and basil) RIGHT AWAY, or it won’t stick.

Happy cooking!


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