365 Things To Do With Potatoes: Episode 5

Hash browns!

I’ll be honest, homemade hash-browns still get the better of me.

I broke the cheese grater I was using to slice them up, and then when I switched to the mandolin (I have a fancy one with different slicing abilities) I couldn’t get them the same size and texture.

You’re supposed to soak them in cold water for a while to, well if you’ve been following along on the potato adventures, you know. You soak potatoes in cold water to help remove the starch and help them brown up.

When I cooked them though, they were mushy. Maybe I didn’t soak them long enough, maybe I froze them before they were completely dry, I don’t know. I looked up other recipes online, and apparently a cool trick is to completely cook the potatoes before you grate them. Honestly, this makes great sense.

I’ll probably throw out a quick sidebar later with some other recipes telling you how that new version with already cooking the potatoes goes.


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