The Real DIY Princess Pass/Fail Project Number 1


eep! Yay.

Honestly, I was pretty sure my first project was going to be a huge flop. And the picture I would show you would be me sitting on the floor with touille and scissors and my hand glued to my face. I’d possibly be bleeding.

Yeah, that’s how much faith I have in my own abilities.

But! Fortunately, I knocked it out of the park this time. Honestly though, I can’t imaging how anyone could mess this project up. I made shelves. Specifically, bookshelves. DSC_0067 DSC_0068

The top picture is my bookcase, 15 milkcrates I’ve ziptied together and in several places I have them hooked to the wall. It is really really stable. 

The second picture,  is the bookshelves. See? Literally bookshelves! Just take 2 shelf supports, and screw them to the wall LEVELED. Then, you can simply set the books on top, or glue them. I glued mine just to make it a little more secure. It’s so simple and looks REALLY classy and rustic. 


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