365 Things To Do With Potatoes: Episode 7

Finally. Finally I will get to it. Today, we’re making Mashed Potatoes.

There are instant mashed potatoes, which to me, are for coating chicken and burgers and cheap steaks. Sometimes though, the urge to eat potatoes grows so much, and my ability to get to real ones so limited, I just go ahead and make some instant mashed potatoes, add a bunch of salt, butter, garlic powder, and bacon bits, until I can pretend it tastes like real potatoes.


This brand though, this particular one too, is acceptable. I don’t feel compelled to add bunches and bunches of crap to these.


The best, absolutely the best, is real potatoes.

Take 3 to 7 potatoes, figure between one and two potatoes per person. Cut them up into small chunks and boil them in standard water until they’re done. This can take anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes depending on the size of the potatoes, the volume, and how hard you want to boil them.

Once they’re done drain the water out of them.

Splash a little water, drop some butter, maybe if you’re feeling adventurous some garlic or some greens. Not Lettuce. Lettuce will not work, or any lettuce like green. Spanish like greens, the kind that wilt like that, those are good.

Then, mash. Mash until they’re as chunky or creamy as you like. Personally, I like mine chunky so I can tell I’m eating potatoes that really came out of the ground.

Mashed potatoes are good on their own with salt, maybe gravy, or as ingredients for many of the other things that are to come!


I’m so excited! Today I sat down and wrote out the next 27 recipes for this project. Several I’ve never even tried before! Do not fear, I am not just going to throw out recipes.  I am going to do each and every one before I blog!


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