365 Things To Do With Potatoes: Episode 8

Fried potatoes.

Nearly chips, but more dinner-ey. Where with potato chips it’s just that salty satisfying crunch, fried potatoes still have the potato taste. They can still have crunch, but it’s not so noisy.

For every person take a potato.

Heat up a non-stick or cast iron skillet to medium high, if you want you can spray it or drop a glob of butter in there.

While your pan is getting hot, slice up the potatoes. I wouldn’t recommend using a mandolin for this, they’ll end up too small and just get mooshey. Slice them in half long ways, and then slice in small little half-discs. Don’t fret too much about how equal the sides are, one of the greatest parts of these is the variation. I wouldn’t let any get bigger than half an inch thick though.

Variety is actually good for the flavor and texture profile here. (See what I did there? See? I used a real culinary phrase! The endless hours of watching the food channels are paying off! +1 cooking skills for me)

Once all your potatoes are sliced, drop them into the hot pan. Spread them out so as many are touching the bottom of the pan as possible. Let them sit like that until they’re brown and even a little blackened on the bottom. Trust your nose, if it smells burnt, it probably is. Toss them around until they’re brown and crispy on both sides.

When they’re brown and crispy on both sides, go ahead and turn the heat off. While they’re still hot and in the pan, go ahead and add the salt. Doesn’t need much more than that. Remember, some are going to be crispy all the way through (the thinnest ones) but most of them should have a crispy exterior and on the inside still be soft and full of potato goodness.



I want to take a minute to thank everyone for following my blog, I know I’ve been lacking in updates lately. I blame company, followed by illness, followed by mild depression caused by being ill for two weeks and the apartment turning into a disaster zone worthy of hazmat suits. But school is starting up again, I’ve got my classes all set, I’m volunteering / being mentored at the schools library, and an internship with the schools galleries. Being busy is good for me, I’ll have more updates soon.


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