The Banned Book Crusade

I’m not sure if many of you are aware, but I’m really against censorship. It is, so to say, my personal crusade. I’ve had a love of books my entire life, and the concept of being told I’m not allowed to read something has always irritated me. When it was teachers it was easier for me to tolerate and write off, to be fair, I was asking 4th grade teachers to allow me to write book reports on Harry Potter books, and a 7th grade teacher to write my reports/responses on Clan of the Cave Bear.  It was easy for me to write off because I still read the books (though I never did finish Clan of the Cave Bear, I got bored to tears half way through) but I read them at home on my own time and talked to my family about them when I had to share.

I generally approach the subject of censorship from a satirical perspective. Simply because it is impossible for me to take this matter that seriously.

One of the ALA (American Library Association)’s slogans for “Banned Books Week” is “Think for yourself, and let others do the same.”

Critical thinking! That’s the true key. The ability to decide for yourself what you will stand up for and what you won’t. “If you don’t stand for something, then you’ll fall for anything.”

So here’s my challenge. Read more. Not just blogs or magazines, but books. Graphic Novels totally count. If you’re sitting in your home and don’t have any ideas what to read, start here:

Start by saying “screw you” to all the people who don’t want you to read something because they say you’re not smart enough to understand it, because it’ll corrupt you, because it’s not appropriate. Say “screw you” to all the people who want to take away your freedom to read. Do you want freedom to read and think what you want? Or do you want freedom from choice?


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