The 10 Years of Notebooks

I recently moved again. Mostly unwillingly. But trying to keep a hold of my “sunny side” personality I sorted through all my stuff and found ten years of notebooks. Ten years worth of notes and short stories. I’m not going to lie, mostly stories. I didn’t take that many notes.

This move has accompanied a lot of awful things. It tends to go that way when your whole life is changing really radically really fast. Even if its going to end up for the better, the process sucks really hard.

To cope with the awful things, and the accompanying depression, I’m writing a lot more again. I’m going to be doing NaNoWriMo this year, and all the stories I got from the ten years worth of notebooks I’m going to re-write and try to find a way to get a lot of them published. I have no idea how I’m going to transform some of my vampire “novellas”. They’d probably be good for middle schoolers or something…They’re not very “Twilighty” in my opinion, but I might just remove the Vampire aspect and try to make it just relationships. I have no idea.

But yeah, that’s where I’m at! I live with my parents again, trying to find a job, find a way back to school, though probably won’t be studying Art History anymore, It’s unfortunate, but it was just a means to an end, and a different undergraduate degree may prove to be more beneficial in my quest to become a librarian. Or be more beneficial in my sub/side-quest to get published. (I love writing, and even though I haven’t thought of it as a main career path in several years, I never stopped writing. There must be a reason for that right?

Ugh, I need encouragement guys.


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