The Grungeback

I’m not very fashion forward. I like looking good, just like everyone else, but I’m far from convinced that fashion is going to get me there. The “latest” at least. Fashion and I are good tea-time friends.

So I’m not entirely sure if when my fiance and his roommate both said I looked like a hobo, if it offended me or not. At the time, as is usually the case with my wit I had nothing to respond with at the time (I always have good comebacks. 2 days later. But whatever that’s why I write.). Nothing clever at least, I just played it off as on purpose and mentioned that I almost wore my knee high rainbow piano socks. Which lead to a discussion about whether or not a hobo would have socks. (Answer, they couldn’t afford socks, but they would probably have socks).

Well, two days later, I realized. My ripped flannel shirt, brightly colored tie-dyed hankie, and bright blue dress, along with my atrocious matte of hair that was completely the last straw in keeping it longer (It doesn’t even touch my shoulders at the moment and I’m still calling it too long), I was dressed in GRUNGE.

Grunge is dead. Just like disco is dead. But some people refuse to admit that Disco isn’t dead, I kinda refuse to admit that grunge is dead.

According to yahoo answers, grunge is dead but by half, they’re completely okay with it coming back. The other half was vehemently against it. VEHEMENTLY.

According to the Nouse, a fashion website from the UK grunge is BACK! With a fresh new look even.

So watch out, you’re going to be seeing ripped jeans (oh wait, those never went out of “style”. At least people never stopped wearing them) studs, and everything else associated with the “grunge” era. You might not recognize it though because of the “new look”. Say hello to the Grungeback!

Why does this seem like a huge oxymoron?


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