Hidden Lake Gardens

In Tipton, Michigan there is a magical place. To call this place a Garden is an understatement to both it’s size and it’s beauty. Once you get in far enough to start wandering around there is no where you can be where you can see out of it. It’s like being transported into a completely different world. Seriously, any second and around every turn I half expected to see a unicorn grazing.

We went the Sunday after Mother’s day, and by “we” I mean just about everyone. My mom, my sister Anna, her husband Randy, myself, Noah, Travis, and the three little ones. Aurora, Ramius, and Aiden. It was our Mother’s day thing. My mom Patty went with my dad on Mother’s day and apparently it was packed. When we went it wasn’t desolate, but it was by no means crowded.

DSC_0456-001This is one of my favorite expanses of green that was there. It took all of my adult-ish effort not to roll down. I will not make the mistake next time I go to be wearing a skirt. I’ll get to roll down it then. Anna and I might even race!

We stopped for a picnic. To the left is Ramius, and below is Anna, Randy, with Aurora and another picture of Ramius. Ramius just started crawling and aside from a few minutes there, we could NOT keep him on the blanket! DSC_0323-001







The picnic was the biggest affair. My family takes the outside-eating thing VERY seriously. We had just about every kind of cold cut meat there was, cheese, chips and dip, carrots, strawberries, and of course no true picnic is complete without watermelon right?

DSC_0342-001  DSC_0337-001










One of the things that isn’t 100% magical-fairy-land is the conservatory. But it’s a reason to come all on its own. Inside it holds two main rooms, a “desert” area where you see things like the cacti above. My mom keeps a Christmas cactus, but it looks nothing at all like this. Hers stays in a pot and doesn’t look like it could be used as a murder weapon. (Unless of course you were to smash the pot over someone’s head…)



The other area of the conservatory was the tropical dome. I think this was my favorite part. Where the desert dome had the really neat cacti, the tropical area had the giant palm trees as well as beautiful flowers.

It is the flowers I like. I’m a sucker for the bright colors. To the left you see a smidge of Noah and Anna as they admire the pots they’ve got going.







I really liked the detail of the fountain they threw in (to the right). I think it contributed to a “terrarium” effect. It made it so they didn’t have to water the tropical plants as much because it would evaporate to the roof of the conservatory and then rain.

I honestly have no idea if that’s how it really works or not. So, since the website doesn’t say one way or the other, we’ll just assume I’m right until I find out otherwise. DSC_0371-001 DSC_0369-001




















Anna carrying Ramius around in the carrier, while he’s still wearing that adorable hat. He was much more awake through all of this than Aiden. Completely understandably since Aiden is only two months and Ramius is six.


This is Noah, looking mildly confused and I’m not entirely sure why…He also was not happy I was pointing a camera at him. DSC_0352-001

DSC_0348-001This is my most recent background, taken at the gardens, it is my favorite picture so far.





This one here is actually me! The purple thing is a Moby-Wrap, and the animal pattern is Aiden. He is sleeping.


DSC_0438-001The little black tags are labeling the different types of plants, but they look a lot more ominous than that.



That’s one of my favorite paths we found, I love the cutaway. And no, I did not have the urge to roll down that hill like I did the other. Okay…I did…just a little.




DSC_0425-001It wouldn’t be called Hidden Lake Gardens if there wan’t at least one lake right?


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