The Mad Scientist Baker

I wanted muffins. But nobody should ever want plain muffins. Luckily for me, I’ve got a mulberry tree in my new back yard (which I’ve never had before. I’ve got a back yard!) and my oh-so-wise husband purchased us $10 worth of raspberries.

Can I just interject with a statement that I’m not even that big of a fan of raspberries? He went to the market to get 2 dollars worth of raspberries and more like 6 dollars worth of strawberries.


So I wanted muffins.

But the only recipe that I could scrounge the materials together for was a blueberry muffin recipe. But we didn’t have the butter it called for, or plain yogurt, or blueberries.

So, like a mad scientist, I replaced the butter with veggie oil, plain yogurt for strawberry banana yogurt, and the blueberries I replaced with mulberries and raspberries.

After they baked, they turned this weird sort of diseased/mold looking blue.

They were a bit denser than I’d have liked, but if you drank a little bit of milk with it they were as just about everything I concoct superbly delicious.


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