New Beginnings

So here I am again, about a month ago I completed the first draft of my manuscript. A novella temporarily titled “The Mysterious Curse at the Middleford Public Library”. And since then, I’ve moved, almost completely nearly unpacked. The kitchen and the living-room are nearly put together, the front room/study/quiet(ish) room is I’d say about 50% done. The bedroom….well….the mattress has sheets on it and Aiden’s box is set up for him to sleep in, since he won’t sleep in his bassinet anymore. (By box, by the by, it’s his play-pen.)

After I finished that manuscript, I began to outline my next adventure. It’s definitely something I’d call “Fast Food Fiction.” It’s a romance novel. The kind that you buy in supermarkets in paperback and keep in your bedroom and bathroom and not proudly displayed on your “bookshelf”.

I read a lot of those. I love them. There’s something soothing about reading a book where you know they’re going to get together in the end. It’s soothing in the same way fairy tales are. Except with more sex.

So, it took me about two weeks to plot this puppy out. I’m shooting for around 75K words, but knowing me and how I write, it’s likely going to be a LOT shorter than that. “The Mysterious Curse at the Middleford Public Library” clocked in at under 30K when I was aiming for over 50.

But with “The Secret Duke” as this new endeavor is currently titled, I outlined the entire thing ahead of time, and when I count how many pages THAT is, it comes in at exactly twenty pages of outline. I’m really excited to be experimenting with this new genre, ad hoping that I can pound a first draft out by mid September. I’m determined not to do any editing on the ghost story until I’ve got this one done.

Wish me luck!


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