Sunday Supper Stupor

When we got into our new place, before we’d even completely unpacked or…got any of our clothes in the closet…Noah and I decided we were going to, without fail, do a Sunday dinner every week. So far, we’ve done two. The first was a pot roast, we all sat around the table, with the 4 chairs, 1 office chair, and the chair made out of two milk crates ad a seat cushion. Everyone showed up around noon that day. Noah made a heaping plate of buffalo chicken wings, and a slightly smaller plate of teryaki ones, since Josh and I don’t like buffalo that much. Josh says he would have dealt with it, but I was hungry and wasn’t going to let him make 3 bags of chicken wings completely buffalo style. That would have been just nuts.

Last Sunday we did tacos, which was kinda a disappointment from the last week, we didn’t have as many people show up, but our neighbor did eat with us. We live in a duplex and share the back porch with our neighbor Zach, he works second shift so we really don’t see him much, but he had Sunday off so he sat outside and ate with us.

Travis pulled out his guitar, and while I was cooking I got to enjoy a 4 boy chorus of “Hallelujah” which was just beautiful. And after we ate Travis and Zach decided they wanted a fire. After about ten minutes of digging and rooting around, they finally found a suitable spot in our modest yard (it’s still a yard, and I love it) that was not a 1930s  box of poo that just never got taken out when the house was renovated to use city sewage.

We got Josh to watch Wreck it Ralph, and words cannot express how disappointed I am that I was unconscious on the couch when it reached *that* moment, you all know which moment, and if you don’t, you haven’t seen it so I won’t spoil it for you. But I was passed out on the couch/Noah when he wiped the tear from his eye and muttered “I’m such a punk”. That movie gets everyone, and if it doesn’t get to you, and at least make you vocalize some emotion like “All the feels” you’re a sociopath.

I’m quickly running out of good Sunday Supper ideas. Everyone that attends are people I like to spend time with, and most of the time I’m the on who’s cooking. Noah plans on taking over from time to time, but this week, its still on me. Feeding up to eight people this weekend, and with so many people with so many different appetites, I’m still not sure what I’m going to do! I’m thinking…something with chicken…and bacon…

I’ll let you know what I come up with!


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