Peace is a Baby On Your Chest

Specifically, a sleeping baby. See, Aiden is not yet to the point where he was sleeping through the night. He wakes up once or twice, or on not-so-good nights four or five times. Which translates to, I’m lucky if I can get through 3 REM cycles a night, and get one completely uninterrupted one. If he sleeps for 4 hours at a time, it’s usually between 4 and 8, and Noah’s alarm usually goes off at least twice between that time and well, I don’t sleep through things designed to wake you up.

So the other night, he slept, for four straight hours without an alarm clock going off in between. The result? I cried. I made little happy whiney noises all the way through my shower because I felt like, I actually achieved *rest*. Well the same thing happened this morning. Except this morning, when he woke up looking for boob-food, he wasn’t done sleeping. So I stuck his plug back in his mouth, and we cuddled.

Now, normally, cuddling for Aiden means it’s time to be awake and enjoy having all of mommy’s attention. The only way to get him to sleep is to put him in his bed, stick a plug in his mouth and cover him with his blankie. This morning, I think he was just done. D.O.N.E. with being awake, because he fell back asleep. Everybody else was still asleep, and being a Sunday, I didn’t feel the need to put him down right away.

And honestly, who could blame me? He was sleeping so peacefully and he hadn’t been that peaceful in my arms since he was a newborn. When mommy’s holding him, it’s time to play and make faces. Eventually I got tired of sitting up, and laid back down, shifting, so baby boy was lying on my chest. He barely stirred while I was shifting him, and while I never fell completely back to sleep like that, I felt this amazing sense of peace sort of wobble and settle over us.

Peace is a baby on your chest.


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