Exclusive Sneak Preview

Exclusive! A sneak preview of the first draft of “The Mysterious Curse at the Middleford Public Library”. I will preface this by saying, chances are, by the time I get around to querying/publishing this this scene may be cut, or completely worded differently. Because, come on, it’s a first draft!

Eva finished opening the doors, and then skipped off back to Nick’s office. There were no patrons yet, and she had the bell on the counter. If anyone came in and needed her, they knew to ding the bell.

She had just gotten the rest of her things moved from Nick’s office to hers when the bell dinged.

She jogged out from her office and looked at the other side of the desk with a smile on her face. The smile dropped when she saw the empty space behind the desk. “Hello?”

No answer.

She walked over to the desk and leaned over to see if maybe a child was playing a game or just too short to see over the desk. Nobody was there.

“Hello? Anybody here?”

“I am,” George said, but Eva couldn’t hear him. He wanted to ring the bell again, but with her so close, he couldn’t. Something about her kept him at arms length. “I just want to touch you.”

Eva shrugged and walked away, back into Nick’s office. She was just finishing up the dusting when Nick appeared in the doorway.

Just a little to titillate and hopefully get you excited about future drafts and keep ME on track!


4 thoughts on “Exclusive Sneak Preview

  1. Xanthorpe says:

    So George is a ghost? He’s invisible but can manipulate solid objects…but Eva can’t hear him? Out of the blue, it sounds like a reasonable premise for a YA suspense novel. Keep going!

  2. Beverly says:

    Okay, the best form of flattery, I have learned from recent personal experience, is asking the author for more. So, with that in mind…can I have more? I need to know why George is invisible/ghost and who is Nick? Is he in the way? I am wondering how old Eva is, though, because she skipped and jogged…teenager or young adult? Regardless, great excerpt.

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