Coming Soon: Imperfect Partners

Coming soon to a blog near you! A new novel in episodes: Imperfect Partners.

What happens when a renegade writer finds herself surrounded by people and situations that all border on the ludicrous? She writes about it. Especially when she needs something to stick to.

What happens is, she starts a new project. This one called “Imperfect Partners”. A sitcom of words that she hopes will be as fun to write as it is for her readers to read.

Part inspired by her actual life, now that it’s filled with clever and witty friends with unique dynamics, she’s going to spice it up and add a lot more conflict and drama than is found in the every day. The every day is filled with joy and laughter for the writer, which makes for happy life, but not for a very interesting read.

She is going to be flying by the seat of her pants with this one…as much as she can…and is going to be testing the limits of her imagination. I have no idea how far this project will go, but thus far I can promise a new issue on the third Wednesday of every month through the end of the year.



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