21 and all that comes with it…

Last week, I turned 21. My housemate bought me a rum n’ coke at a bar, I purchased a little bottle of Apple Pucker, but otherwise, the day passed pretty normally. I had a lovely dinner and a dump cake. For those of you who don’t know what a dump cake is, you take your cake pan, dump fruit, pecans, coconut, and whatever other delicious thing you want, in the bottom of a cake pan, and then dump the cake mix on top of it, then pour over it a stick of melted butter. Bake, and voila. Dump cake.

Thursday wasn’t the cap.

Friday was birthday party time.

See, Noah’s birthday is the 3rd, and mine is the 4th. So on the 5th, we had a pretty big hoorah. We had steak and shrimp kabobs, chicken, fruit, crackers, booze, and ice cream cake.

And during the presents portion, Noah proposed.

He bought me a video game, the Genesis collection for PS3, he opened it, removed the saran wrap, put the ring inside, and then somehow re-plasticed it up, wrapped it, and on the inside next to the ring, there was a little note that says “Will you be my player two?”

And I will say this. I didn’t cry. Adam made the most ridiculous noise, Noah’s mom got a little teary eyed, and there was just a roar of laughter and joy and happiness.



I’m already looking through books, and we’ve picked a tentative date. It’s only tentative for my family’s sake, because it’s Halloween next year. I mean, it’s fall, and I love fall, and it’s a Saturday. It’s just perfect.


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