The Deal of the Decade

So the other day, Noah and I sat down and talked about something very serious. It involved multiple years of hard work for both of us, and a lot of understanding.

I’ve been writing a lot more lately, as many of you know I recently finished a first draft of a fully fledged novella I’m hoping to independently publish in about a years time. Which is going to be frantic and hectic because I plan on releasing it almost 30 days to our decided wedding date.

Quick side bar, we decided on Halloween of next year, because Halloween next year is a Saturday. It seems just perfect.


The Mysterious Curse at the Middleford Public Library is going through alpha readers right now, and by the time I finish my (fingers crossed, knock on wood, don’t jinx it, please please please) Avon romance The Secret Duke first draft, which I’m nearing every day. I’ve got 30 chapters, and I’m half way through chapter 16.

But Noah and I sat down, and talked about how much I want to be a writer, and how hard I’ve been working on it. And we came to an agreement. I’ve got 4 to 5 years, basically until Aiden is in school. During this time, writing for me will be considered a job for me. Noah’s going to help keep me accountable, and most importantly, help more with the housework.

This deal takes me almost to the end of the decade. Might as well.

It’s the deal of the decade, and honestly, I’ve never felt more determined, and more sure that it was going to work out.


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