Beginning the Plans…

Also titled, “oh crap…pinterest.”

Wedding planning.

Doom. Dooooom.

I’m actually getting excited, we’ve set a date, and about 2/3rd to 2/2 of my wedding party are picked out, and we’re (/I) are narrowing down on the theme and how to be tasteful, unique, and true to the theme.

What’s the theme you ask, and why am I concerned about being tasteful? Well, that’s related to the date.

We’re getting married on 10/31/2015. Yeah, that’s Halloween. Noah and I both really like October, and I’ve got a serious “girl woody” for Halloween, and the day after he proposed (“Will you be my player two?”) I realized that in 2015, Halloween falls on a Saturday.

It was destiny.

We’re having a Halloween wedding.

(“Yeah, people do that.” ~My mom)



One of our spontaneous engagement photos. We haven’t quite gotten around to taking more official ones, which is about to become a lot harder with Noah starting a new job that’s second shift on Monday. We’re going to become morning people, brunches regularly, since it’ll be our only real time to spend together.


My hastily made “Save the Date” card.

My dress is being custom designed, as well as a lot of my other things, between my mom, grandma and I, we’re going to make it ourselves and it’s going to be a perfect bridge between the traditional, fantastical, and the Haley.


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