Surprisingly Cinderella

While it is true that I am a girl. That I am a feminine girl…Alright, I’m a girly girl. Shoes, dresses, bags, hats, and scarves all make me happy. I like wearing make-up (though honestly, I do go days in a row where I just can’t be bothered. There are dishes to do, bottles to make, There’s also a baby who just literally started crawling last week, has mastered it, and now is already trying very hard to stand up. Mostly right now it looks like he’s doing baby-yoga, he gets up on his hands and feet and struggles for a moment before he sits down to go play with his toys again.

So, doing something as simple as taking the time to put on makeup, really makes me feel good.

But still, all things considered, I have no idea why I’m so surprised that I decided that my wedding dress was going to be at least 4 feet wide. That’s right. I said it. 12 foot circumference, 4 foot diameter. Plus change. I found the hoop skirt for my dress. At least I think I did. It’s got more of a bell shape, and I was hoping for more of a really big A.

This…this is civil-war era gowns. And while it may not be the exact shape I end up with…It is still a lot bigger than I originally thought about going. It’s inspired by a Lazaro gown,

that I couldn’t afford, wouldn’t come in my size, and has no straps or back that I really want. But there is just something about this dress that I love love love. While the new dress design has an illusion neckline and skulls built into the sash (Halloween after all. Don’t worry, it’ll be tasteful.) I want to stick fairly close to the original shape.

I’ve pictured my dress in my head many times growing up, but I never really saw myself in the big poofy dress…I always leaned more towards the tea-length vintage-ish. And in all honesty, now that I’ve got this dress in my head, it’s all I can think about. I can’t remember any of the dresses I ever liked for me before, I remember plenty that I thought were gorgeous, but hey weren’t quite what I was after. Considering the type of party we’re going to be having, I might have a smaller dress to change into after the “formal” reception. The “After Hours” edition.

I even briefly considered going regency for it, but I got one look at myself in that style (albeit ill-fitting) and basically ran for the hills.

I’ll be ordering the skirt after Christmas, and I’ll post a picture then just to give you a good idea about how large it is actually going to be. But after that, I’ll have to resist the temptation…Noah is a tricksie little hobbit, and he will find the pictures and completely ruin it!


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