Filling the Void

So, now that I’m in the editing stages of “Curse at the Middleford Library” and I have to have and carry the physical print out of it with me everywhere I go like some sort of warped security blanket. I can’t work on it as much.

It’s a whole process to get this puppy out. It’s printed out in my inch and a half binder, with extra blank pages for when I need to insert something that wasn’t crucial to the plot so I didn’t write it on the first-go-through.

But that’s part of my process and writers-aren’t-supposed-to-discuss-their-process-shhh-I-write-the-plot-then-add-character-development-as-I-write-the-second-draft-but-I-didn’t-tell-you-that-so-shhhhh.

Doing it the mysterious way I do it gives me the time and ability to focus solely on each super important aspect. I go through and do the plot points first, which works out to be the most logical way.

But now, that my hands aren’t always grasping at a first draft, my brain is in overdrive. I’ve had more ideas in these last few weeks than I had all year.

I will point out, most of these ideas aren’t going anywhere. They’re just clever little thoughts I want to see happen but won’t ever make as great as I want their potential to be.

Except for two.

One, is a super secret project that I’m not going to talk about at all until I have access to at least a camcorder. Preferably a professional camera. And I’m still 1000 dollars, a new computer, and 4 more drafts away from that being a thing.

The other, is something I started a while ago. I’m starting a completely new process of writing with this one. I usually don’t work with note-cards, but this time I am.

I’ve so far laid down my character’s entire life. On notecards.

When I feel like I’ve made all my decisions, I’m going to sit down, put Pen to Paper and officially begin the first draft. But before that, I’m going to hang up every single one of these cards in the order the READER experiences them.

I’ll give you a brief hint of what this one is about. One sentence.

Old man with dementia, haunted by his dead wife. 


Filling the void left by actively writing is always difficult. Being able to start other projects and slowly plan while I edit really helps. But I know that’s not everybody’s jam, what do you do to ease that pain?


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