365 Things to do with Potatoes, Episode 11

The potato crustini.

We also call it “super fancy bar food.”

This one is actually really really easy and incredibly customizeable. Perfect for when you’re trying to feed an army and they’re all picky.

Take a potato, for 2 people, 1 potato is pretty perfectly sized. You need the potatoes that look like they ATE the other potatoes in the bag. You want them to be able to slice long-ways and be approximately the size of a slice of crusty french/italian breads around. But thinner than you’d use for a traditional crustini. No bigger than 2/3 an inch thick. Otherwise there is too much potato.

Drizzle olive oil over a cookie sheet, place the potatoes on that, more olive oil on top of them, salt, pepper, and place in a 450 degree oven. Time is going to vary depending on how crispy you want the outer potato, how thick the slices are, and how often you flip them.

Then you make your sauce. I recommend using velveeta cheese for your base. Add some butter, milk, hot sauce, and pepper. Melt and combine the ingredients over low heat, so you don’t scorch your cheese. And if you feel like it’s getting too bland or too thick, throw in some beef/chicken broth.

Cover that and keep it warm.

Meanwhile, take your chicken/ground beef/super finely diced chunk of dead furry/fluffly animal thing salt and pepper it, and brown it in a pan with butter. Always butter. Always. Butter.

De-glaze the pan with soy/teryaki sauce, and some fresh herbs and spices to your preference. Drizzle on a DROP of honey to eliminate the bitterness.

Layer potato, sauce, meat
and feast.


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