The Sunday Dinner: A new resolution for the project junkie

I’m sorry guys, I couldn’t do it. I just, couldn’t do it. I could not embrace the new year without embracing a new project.

I know.

I have a problem.

I was standing in the kitchen, admiring my beautiful cast iron dutch oven, and the beautiful chicken being seared inside, and realized: I had never done this before. Never. I had never braised chicken. Not just never in a cast iron dutch oven, but never ever. I’ve roasted, rotisserie, breaded and baked, fried, oh my goodness have I fried, pan seared…I’ve crusted chicken with cheese-it before. [I watch way too much Chopped]. But I have never taken 2 chicken breasts, seared, and braised.

Just before I stuck it in the 200 degree (F) oven, I inhaled the amazingness that it turned into and reminded myself that the chicken is still RAW, and not okay to just eat. I even had our house-mate Josh inhale. His reaction: “What do you want me to look for?”


“That’s all I smell. I thought you were trying to figure out what it needed, it’s perfect.”


I can’t wait to see what Noah thinks of my braised chicken…maybe on some naan bread with some spicy thickened braising liquid.


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