365 Things to do with Potatoes, Episode One

Little throwback to nearly 2 years ago when my project began. Now look! I’m…on episode 12…At least I haven’t given up.


When you get a potato, what is the first and simplest thing to do with it?

Bake it.


Seriously, nothing is easier to do with a potato than *bake it*.

Pull a good sized potato out, wash it off a little, just knock the dirt off and pick off any eyes if they’re there. It’s not gone bad if it’s got the eyes growing on it. If you’ve got a little one though with a lot of eyes go ahead and stick it in a pot! It might grow. I have no idea, I have never done it before. (Considering I have twenty pounds of potatoes I might give it a shot.)

Once it’s been in a 350-450 Degree (F) oven for 40 or so minutes (stick a fork through it, if it feels crunchy at all in the center, it’s not done and let it go some more.)…

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