Why “Thor” Is Pretty Much the prequel to “The Lion King”

This is Thor and Loki.


This is Mufasa and Loki.

I mean Thor and Scar.

Crap! It’s Mufasa and Scar. What the shit brain why aren’t you working right?

Ok to start: Hair.

Thor is blonde, his luscious mane of hair most of the time looks like it’s perfectly brushed and defies gravity.

Now look at Mufasa’s mane. Look at it! Look at it and tell me there are no similarities!

Then look at Loki. Black hair, combed back from their face showing off how pointy it is, and held in place by way too much hair gel. Even Scar, a lion in the middle of the f’ing desert with no access to hair gel OR the required thumbs to open the bottle anyways, has greasy looking hair.

Moving south, the chins.

Thor’s chin is wide and strong, designed for holding only the manliest of beards and angriest of shouts, just like Mufasa. Then Scar and Loki’s chins are thin and pointy.

Now lets move onto the non-physical parallels.

Thor and Mufasa are both destined to be king of their respective kingdoms of sunlight. Both of their primary character traits are strength, like their fathers. In fact that’s just about their only character trait. “I am strong let’s f’ shit up!”

Then there’s Scar and Loki. Naturally gifted with intellect and wit, they’re unfortunately cursed to not be like their dads. Physically weaker, but much smarter. Smart enough to realize that physical strength isn’t the best quality primary quality of a leader. Then they start to feel bitter about their lack of power, resentful, and eventually a power hungry vengeful force that makes a great villain.

We never get to see the moment Scar becomes the true bad-guy, just his moment of action. I’m going to assume it was before he started hanging out with the Hyenas and that it has something to do with them being banished. But we do get to see that moment with Loki. 

Right there. Everything he is is a lie. Might as well give him a scar on his face because I am sure Scar’s transformation was just as traumatic. Loki learns that he really is “the monster” parents warn their children about and like a self-fulfilling prophecy becomes that monster, while Scar becomes one with a physical “deformity”. Is deformity the right word? He’s scarred outside to mirror his inner scars.

I’m going to resist the urge to go off on a rant about how in Nifleheim Odin–who traded half of his sight for wisdom to help avoid situations like this from happening–thought that this was the way to handle it.

Instead, we’re going to talk about why I think this came to be.

Disney bought Marvel in 2009 and Thor came out in 2011. And if we know anything about Disney, it’s that people work there forever. Even if people didn’t work there forever, trends like this are very Disney-esque.

And on top of that, Thor was directed by Kenneth Branagh. For the slightly differently nerdy than I, you might not know about the raging nerd-boner Branagh has with Shakespeare. He joined the Royal Shakespeare Company when he was 23 and then left to make his own because it wasn’t awesome enough for him.

Considering that every good Shakespearean movie produced in the last few decades (With the exception of Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing which is a GREAT foil to Branagh’s.) was practically Branagh’s creation, it is lunacy to assume that that didn’t play a heavy hand into the casting and the overall appearance and personality of the characters.

In conclusion:


I’m far from the only one to think this.

Just google it. If you’re brave(er) than I am, turn off your safe search and see just how weird things get. If I know anything about the internet, it’s going to get super weird.


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