Christopher Lee: An Awkward Tribute from a Fan-Girl

RIP Christopher Lee. 1929-2015.

Christopher Lee is…was…I’m sorry…one of the oldest working actors in the western world. He legitimately knew J.R.R. Tolkien! AND HE WAS IN THE MOVIES. How awesome is that?

So. Awesome.

In fact, he’s like my #2 guy for who I’d like to meet in the afterlife. (The First being Mr. Rogers, the third being Michelangelo or Van Gogh…or all of them. Definitely all of them.)

Okay, here is the first thing that everyone should know about especially now that he’s dead:

Christopher Lee singing and producing metal music! This video has over a million views, yeah, that’s a thing. But the fact that it hasn’t rolled over like completely destroying an old school PacMan game makes me sad. Even though a million views on anything I make ever would make me literally pee myself.

Seriously. I would pee.

But COME ON guys! Spread the word! He did this in a garage with a green screen and his friends. And he wasn’t a super high teenager plucking at a gutiar going “Huy guys we should be a band. Der der dur.”

Christopher Lee badassed his way through WWII and from what I can tell about his life, he legitimately just did whatever the fuck he wanted since then and CRUSHED it. Crushed it.

In my entire life, I never heard of any sex-scandal or gross unpleasant thing happening from him. He played SO many villains. So many.

He played more villains/antagonists/not the heroes than he played heroes. You can only assume he was an awesome person to be around, because he played monsters and awful people, and everyone kept going “We want that guy!”

In my head, when I wrote my evil librarian who cursed people because they f’ed with his books, I pictured Christopher Lee. Now who am I going to picture?

Now who am I going to imagine?!



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