Who are the Real Villains of Firefly?

Not gonna lie, this is gonna be a piggy back.


We’re gonna start out by addressing a flaw that just bothers me.

River was just crazy smart, she wasn’t psychic or f’ing crazy until “They” made her this way.

I’m not going to dispute and argue about every little thing in the video because I could do it on the comment section on their site or youtube and quite frankly, get a lot more attention.

Today we’re going to discuss who “They” are specifically and how they do these insane power-plays back and forth keeping the verse and maintaining this balancing act which means order(s) for them and chaos for everyone else.

Let’s start out by assuming that the Firefly verse is populated by humans very much like the Earth that is verse.–Basically greedy, angry, buttmunching dicks are the ones with power and everybody else just kinda rumbles along life trying to make a difference.

So, Alliance itself isn’t evil. Alliance is a system of government. Like democracy, but more accurately Bureaucracy. Which is why we can all empathize with the hate so freaking much. Like our own world, the bureaucracy can be bought. And it is bought, by the Blue Sun corporation.

I submit my theory to your review:

The Blue Sun Corporation is behind every bad thing to happen in the Firefly universe.

The Blue Sun logo is in practically every scene of the TV show. Every scene. It does everything. Jayne’s t-shirt, food, ect.

According to the Firefly and Serenity Database wiki page/s

It’s an open secret that Blue Sun engages in deadly corporate espionage and then calls in favors from powerful government officials to help cover their tracks. Its subsidiaries and shell corporations have branched out far from food and service industries, going into computer systems, communication technology, and even spaceship design, along with the biotech industry – even going so far (some whisper) as to conduct experiments involving living humans. Only top executives have a good grasp on what the ‘big picture’ is when it comes to this mega-corporation. Its research and development division is a mysterious place guarded by security equal to top secret Alliance military projects.

This part of the page, pretty much makes my argument for me. It only takes one or maybe two government officials to put out warrants. It takes the same to send out the Operative.

Blue Sun messed with Rivers mind and made her into a weapon. A weapon they themselves don’t want to use, because no matter what, they win. No, they want to sell River. They took tiny little River Tam and made basically a space Captain America crossed with a loony toon.

It’s just like Iron Man! Stark Industries made amazing terrifying weapons and sold them to the government…and the governments enemies. Blue Sun wanted to do that with River! That’s why they want her back so bad. So they can sell her to Alliance, and then duplicate her for any enemy the Alliance has.

Because what is more profitable to a ruthless, self-serving, malevolent entity like the Blue Sun Corporation than weapons selling in a war?

Maybe River is just a beta test of this mutant-making facility. Maybe they developed her to be a spark against the Alliance and start another Unification war, where they can sell the manufactured soldiers like River to the highest bidder.

The commercial on the TV in the bar that activates River specifically tells her about Miranda. Specifically tells her about the place where Reavers were created and then activates her ass-kicking powers. And what does the Firefly crew do? What Blue Sun hoped they would. They go check that shit out. Two Independent higher-ranking officials with a maintained raging hate-boner for Alliance go find absolute proof that Alliance are dicks.

But who would Alliance hire to make something like that? Blue Sun. Blue Sun would test something on an entire planet, Alliance…probably not so much.

They made the Reavers, so it’s probably safe to assume that somewhere in that facility where they made River, they also had a few Reavers. Put ’em in chains and locked in a room where they occasionally get thrown a live chicken.

I bet River had to fight them before. She seemed pretty competent in that room where she killed all of them to save her brother. She even uses Reaver weapons to slaughter them. And right before she does that, she gives Simon this incredibly eloquent speech that isn’t at all clouded with her crazy.


Also, Alliance aren’t dicks or really responsible for what happened on Miranda. They hired Blue Sun to help create an environment that was less stressful and reduced violence. Which tells me, there was a problem and Alliance tried to solve that.

I’m not saying that mind-controlling your population is a good idea. Miranda is a perfect example of why it is SO NOT. But they were trying to implement a solution that wasn’t “more police”. They were trying to create a more comforting and “whatever bro” environment instead of one filled with fear.

So they get a few points for that.


The other thing I have trouble with is adjusting for all the times Alliance hurts, denies help to, or otherwise f’ing over the people at the fringes of the system.

Like that time an entire platoon of Alliance soldiers sat by while an entire supply of take-it-or-die medicine gets jacked? Or when they would have let Shepard Book die just because he was normal?

This is just the awful consequences of bureaucracy.

I’m willing to bet that all of the guys in charge in the fringes are there because they fucked up. “You slept with the Generals daughter. You get sent into Reaver territory.” “You…did something to arbitrarily piss someone off, fuck off to deep space. Go check on the border planets.”

Basically they’re really not happy to be there. They’re not heroes. They’re the guys who ranked high enough to get out of trouble enough to be banished to the unwashed, under-educated, underdeveloped parts of the universe where you might not have toilet paper all the time.

This is not symptomatic of Alliance being the bad guys, that’s just…individuals in the military being complete ass-holes.

So I’m not saying we should all go praise the Alliance…but maybe we should lay off. Maybe we should watch the show and go “Bureaucracy is a dick.”…Maybe we should watch it and think instead of being about Big government vs little government maybe it’s about standing up to corruption and evil.

And greed will always lead to corruption.

Also kick-ass space pirates. Mostly kick-ass space pirates.

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