My very specific garden tips! #1

This year I started gardening. Up until now I’ve killed all but my immortal spider plant (I named him Stanley, the ivy that was planted with him was named George, but I killed that too).

This year however, at the start of growing season my mom gifted me with a cherry tomato plant and a basil plant, as well as a pink and white batch of impatienceĀ (which I also nearly killed). I put them in pots and dirt and they didn’t immediately die…in fact they started living quite vigorously. The basil is nearly 2 feet tall and I’ve got a jar of basil+aloe anti itch goup in my fridge (that I should probably work on freezing before it turns gre-some weird mold color).

It started an obsession. I’ve grown from the flowers, basil, and tomatoes–which have officially grown out of control–to red and white potatoes, sage, coriander, I’ve got 2 pepper plants (that are in their SECOND batch of peppers, I pulled a few off today even), strawberries, parsley, yarrow, citronella, cucumbers, i’ve got a tiny watermelon plant that will never produce fruit (watermelons require a lot of space, a 4X4 foot bed, not a 6 inch pot lol), aloe, broccoli, African marigolds, French marigolds, gerbera daisies, 2 struggling rose bushes (I plucked them out of a makeshift planter in the yard that was getting overridden with weeds. They haven’t died but they haven’t stated to revive so I’m hopeful but skeptical) and a raspberry bush.

One of my best friends, Ari, has started a garden of her own as well and we’ve shared a lot of our time and plants between each other. We’ve also been planning for next year, she’s got a large enough space and I’ve got the energy to help her use it.

But this year, we’re limited to container gardening, and it lead me down a path of companion planting.

And here’s a few things I’ve learned:


1 – Green onions combat root rot, plant them with “all the things” which is an exaggeration.

2 – Basil is a bully. Don’t plant basil with peppers because it will eat up all of the root space. But do plant with tomatoes, they balance each other out it seems.

3 – Peppers will suck the life out of parsley, I can’t quite figure out what it is doing, what it is about it, but every day it lives in my peppers (I’ve got 2 in a pot, and since putting them both in the same pot they’ve both shot up vertically about 6 inches and in 2 weeks produced several ripe peppers) get bigger, while the parsley leaves turn yellow–but more spring up. There are new parsley sprigs and leaves every day. Scientific minds of the internet will probably answer that question for me over the winter while I research and plan.


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