365 Things to do with Potatoes, Episode 13

Roasted potatoes.

One of the easiest ways to prepare them in my opinion. Highly underrated.

Take one large russet potato per person, slice it in half lengthwise,
slice the half in half
and then chop into 1-2 bite size bits. Usually I get 4 out of each. 6 out of the bigger ones.

Now take a sheet pan, and drizzle over it some oil. Today I used Italian Dressing, because it’s a cooking lube, and also has some of my favorite seasonings already mixed in. It’s my shortcut sauce.

If you don’t have/don’t want to use Italian Dressing, olive oil with salt and pepper and rosemary is amazing to. Or really ANY combination of seasonings you like.

Periodically poke your nose in the oven and give ’em a stir so they have a chance to cook from every angle and get coated in the seasonings. Also so they don’t stick. A tip I figured out was if you put the oil on before the potatoes, you’ve got better chance of non-stickage. It helps, and it matters, sorta.


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